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CannaScholar Syllabus

CannaScholar Syllabus

THCa and the Magical Cannabis Curing Methodology™


When you hear the term “THCa”, what comes to mind? Is it “synthetic”? How about “hemp”? Or perhaps even, “not the real thing”? If so, prepare to have your 🤯.

hemp edibles blog image

Hemp Edibles Exposé

What’s the difference between so-called “hemp edibles” and so-called “marijuana edibles”? (Spoiler alert: There is no difference.)

Hemp v. Cannabis blog image

Hemp v. Cannabis

If you’re not yet hip to the game, you’ll most likely be predisposed to dismiss “hemp” as “not the real thing”. Let’s talk about that.

street weed v regulated blog image

Street Weed v. Regulated

Surface level appearances can be deceiving. Let’s peel back the layers and find out what’s hiding underneath in the underworld market.

Synthetic Cannabinoids Blog Image

Synthetic Cannabinoids

Grown in nature vs. synthesized in a lab; we’ll give you one guess which of those is better. (Hint: It’s the one God made.)

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Terpenes Intro

Terpenes do more than grace cannabis with its enticing aroma; they impart numerous medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

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The Deltas

A simple breakdown of the primary delta variants of the THC molecule: Delta-8, Delta-9, and the lesser known Delta-10.