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Hemp Edibles Exposé

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Hemp Edibles Exposé

To set the stage, we’ll reiterate that the Feds currently define “hemp” as “cannabis with less than 0.3% active Delta-9 THC”.

The Hemp v. Cannabis article provides further helpful context into this essentially meaningless legalese.

Distinction between flower and edibles

Our cannabis flower is cured using an innovative and advanced curing methodology which effectively results in the free and unhindered transport, distribution, purchase, and possession of the most pure and potent cannabis flower available on the market today.

While our cannabis curing methodology does indeed result in flower which is demonstrably superior to dispensary flower, the topic of cannabis edibles, on the other hand, pertains not to cured flower, but to concentrates and extracts.

Our cannabis edibles are made with pure, third‑party lab tested, cannabinoid and terpene concentrates. These concentrates have been extracted from exotic, medical grade cannabis flower, in specially equipped laboratories.

Delta-9 THC and edibles

Many of our edibles contain the extracted cannabinoid Delta-9 THC.

To be clear, this is not THCa; this is the fully decarbed and activated Delta-9 THC.

This is due to the fact that the human digestive system cannot decarb / activate THCa. If you were to ingest THCa, you would certainly derive the benefits of THCa, but the effects of Delta-9 THC would not manifest themselves.

For further insight into what is meant by “decarb” and “activate”—as well as insight into the relationship between THCa and Delta-9 THC—please consult the article which pertains to our unique cannabis curing methodology.

Consequently, all Delta-9 THC edibles on the market, including ours, can only be made with actual, active Delta-9 THC.

The core of the matter

The Feds consider any and all edibles to be “hemp” (even the dispensary’s), so long as the edible contains no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

In practice, therefore, this “hemp” law has virtually zero impact on the production and manufacture of cannabis edibles; because any edible needs to be comprised also of food before it can actually be edible!

As long as the chocolate (or whatever food you prefer) outweighs the Delta-9 THC by at least 99.7%, the Feds consider it “hemp”.

Does this mean you need to eat a “ton of food” to get a decent “hemp” edible high?

Not at all. Your eyes—and your stomach—will never be able to tell the difference between a so-called “hemp” edible, and a so-called “marijuana” edible. 😋


What this means is that, on a purely legal basis, our Delta-9 edibles are virtually indistinguishable from dispensary Delta-9 edibles.

But legality is where the similarities end.

First and foremost, procuring any of your cannabis (including edibles), from the state licensed dispensary, exposes you to several distinct disadvantages, which it behooves you to be aware of.

Second, and equally as important, not all edibles are created equal.

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Disclaimer: The content presented by Cloud Hempistry, LLC, here on the CannaScholar blog, or elsewhere, is provided solely for educational purposes only; and is not intended to constitute medical advice. You should consult your physician prior to using cannabis to determine if it is appropriate for your particular needs and goals.

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