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Street Weed v. Regulated

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Street Weed v. Regulated

While the cannabis market as a whole may have turned a new legality leaf, there is a particular segment which remains firmly entrenched, as if frozen in time; and that is, namely, the iconic street dealer.

Old habits (and street dealers) do indeed die hard; so, as a buyer, it’s critical that you are aware of, and appreciate, the clear advantages of buying from a reputable, legal source, such as Cloud Hempistry.

We can certainly appreciate the comfort to be had by sticking with what you know; but, if you do, you should also know precisely what you stand to lose by doing so.

Reliable, consistent effects

For starters, regulated vendors (Cloud Hempistry especially), virtually eliminate the “cultivar guessing game” from your purchase decision.

Unlike street dealers who have no obligation to follow any standards, Cloud Hempistry is held to strict quality controls. We provide third-party certificates of analysis (COAs) for every product we sell.

What that means to you in practical terms, is that when you buy Cloud Hempistry cannabis, you’re getting a consistent and reliable experience each and every time.

It’s like the difference between a mystery meal from the soup kitchen, and ordering from the menu of your favorite 5-star restaurant. While the former is obviously cheaper, the latter gives you the same top‑shelf experience each and every time; on time; like clockwork. On the list of “things worth spending a little extra”, we rank “consistent effects” high on that list.

Precision grading and typing

Building upon the 5-star restaurant menu analogy, it is only in a regulated and quality controlled environment that the grading and typing of cannabis cultivars can ever be authentic, let alone verifiable.

Precision grading

Proud to be one such buying environment, Cloud Hempistry ofers a range of precision-graded cannabis; from A to AAAA grade. This grading scale affords you, the purchaser, with the confidence, and security, that you’re in fact selecting the precise potency level that suits your needs.

Precision typing

But potency is just one piece of the cultivar picking puzzle. What about effects? What cannabis user enjoys being couch locked, when they were expecting to be motivated? This is where precision typing comes into play.

It is only in a legal, regulated buying environment that the assurance of achieving desired effects is all but guaranteed. The Sativa Dominant Hybrid will put you on a mission; the Indica Dominant Hybrid will put you in chill mode; and the Balanced Hybrid will put you somewhere in the middle.

Street dealers? They’ll sell you what they have; which is not necessarily what you need.

The cost of doing business right

There’s a reason street prices look so juicy: Dealing on the street incurs almost zero overhead. Whereas at Cloud Hempistry, for example, we consider overhead to be an investment; without which we would be unable to provide the experience that our buyers have come to rely upon.

  • Professional packaging and labeling that tells you exactly what’s inside.
  • Trained and knowledgeable support staff on standby.
  • A helpful, informative, and easy-to-use website.
  • Payroll.
  • Insurance.
  • Standards compliance and quality control procedures.
  • The list goes on…

Each of these are necessary expenses which serve to enhance the buyer experience; and each is, therefore, built into our pricing. What you get in return is the satisfaction of knowing that what you’re buying is backed by a standardized process which has been designed solely to provide you with unparalleled service.

So, what are you paying for?

Rather than thinking in terms of price, you should be thinking in terms of value‑per‑dollar. At Cloud Hempistry, when you exchange your hard earned dollars for product, what you receive in exchange is not only authentic product backed by a verifiable process; you also receive a comprehensive and engaging experience; both of which the street dealer is simply unable to provide.

If you think purely in terms of price, the street dealer wins every day of the week. It is only once you expand your awareness into the reasons behind the price, that you can only be left to conclude that their cost cutting is more like cutting corners.

Now you have to decide: Is the full cannabis experience worth it?

Street buying experience

  • Can they prove this is what they say it is?
  • Where are the lab results?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Will I get shorted this time?
  • Is this laced?
  • What’s my recourse if this product causes me harm?
  • Is this consistent; can I get these exact effects again?
  • Am I gonna get in trouble?
  • Is that a string in my bag?

Cloud Hempistry buying experience

  • Lab tested for potency and safety.
  • Reliable cultivar grading and typing scales.
  • Cannabinoid % COA lab report (all cannabinoids).
  • Gloves and sanitary instruments used.
  • ISO standards compliant clean room production environment.
  • Chain of custody paperwork.
  • Liability insured.
  • Safe to purchase at a professional establishment.
  • 100% legal. (Cops also shop here. They know what it is.)
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Disclaimer: The content presented by Cloud Hempistry, LLC, here on the CannaScholar blog, or elsewhere, is provided solely for educational purposes only; and is not intended to constitute medical advice. You should consult your physician prior to using cannabis to determine if it is appropriate for your particular needs and goals.

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