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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

We take great pride in maintaining exclusive distributorship of our product, because, first and foremost, this positions us closest to our customers; enabling us to cultivate close relationships with the people whom we serve.

If you find benefit in using our products, we encourage you to join up for membership in this website. Membership is, and always will be, 100% free; and affords you several exclusive benefits which are unavailable to non-members.

💥 Instant 100 CloudCoin Bonus

All new members each have 100 CloudCoin (worth $5) deposited to their account as soon as they sign up.

💸 5% Cash Back as CloudCoin

This is huge. For every $1 you spend on this website, 5¢ in store credit will be added to your account (or $1 for every $20, etc.). These will be saved to your account as “CloudCoin”.

  • Each CloudCoin is worth 5¢.
  • Once earned, your CloudCoin is redeemable on all future purchases.
  • CloudCoin redemption is capped at 50% off of your order value. Any unused CloudCoin will always be available to redeem on your next purchase.
  • From the date you earn your CloudCoin, you have 3 months (90 days) to redeem that batch of CloudCoin before it expires.

💰 Juicy Review Bonuses 😲

  • Those members who leave a selfie-photo review of themselves using / holding one of our products, will earn 200 CloudCoin ($10).
  • Those members who leave a selfie-video of themselves reviewing one of our products, will earn a generous 1000 CloudCoin ($50).

Note: Both of these bonuses are contingent upon prior approval. Please consult the review guidelines for pointers on how to get approved.

Also note: You will have to sign a digital “talent consent and release” form before we’re legally allowed to display your photo or video review. We use a digital signing service provided by Adobe, which makes this process quick and easy.

Referral Bonuses

Our referral program is currently under development; and will be deployed in February. All members will receive a generous gratuity (to be announced) for every customer they refer to us. Join now to be notified when this program launches.


  • Enjoy fast checkout with saved address and payment info.
  • Easily access your order status and order history.
  • Quickly re-order previously purchased products.

This is just the beginning

We’re just getting started. Sign up today to be kept in the loop.

We place the strongest emphasis on building enduring relationships with our loyal patrons and members; and this means extending our gratitude to you at every opportunity.

As we continue to grow, our members will continue to benefit.

See you in the shop!