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Pain Oasis

Nature’s answer to pain

Photo collage of some of our pain management products

Pain Relief Tinctures

Specially formulated by our certified Hempists to put pain in check

Pain Relief Edibles

Long have the pain relieving properties of the cannabis plant been lauded as a prudent alternative to dangerous, addictive narcotics; and these edibles are particularly noteworthy in that regard

Pain Relief Topicals

Tell doc to hold the prescription pad, and ease your pain like our ancestors did… with these all natural herbal remedies infused with extracts from the ancient medicinal herb of our namesake

Potent Pain Relief Extracts

Chronic pain sufferers the world over are dropping Big Pharma like a bad habit once they discover the potent analgesic properties of these pure cannabinoid extracts

SaTEAva™ Pain Relief Teas

Selected from our lineup of master blended CBD teas, these particular blends are relied upon by us to soften minor aches and pains