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Rec Room

All‑natural legal fire

Photo collage of some of our recreational cannabis products

Top-Shelf Cannabis Flower

We’ll never grow tired of proclaiming the accolades of our naturally grown and perfectly cured bud… because it’s the truth; and once you partake, you’ll become a believer, too

Formidable Edibles

Nowadays, you can get “edibles” at every gas station trying to make a buck; but you can rest your weary heart here, where there are still sage masters loyal to the craft

Tinctures for Every Temperament

A tribute to the cannabis plant’s fascinating complexity, our tinctures are precise blends of pure cannabinoid and terpene extracts, that expertly meld to obtain desired effects

Strong Cannabis Extracts

While the cannabis plant certainly is a marvelously complex creation, sometimes you prefer to keep things simple, and fire up exactly one cannabinoid, and one only

CBD Flower

You can find CBD flower for sale at every corner store from here to Timbuktu; but what you won’t find is this CBD flower, which we single‑source from the same graybearded green‑thumbed growers who supplied George Jung