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Spa Center

Pure plant‑based topicals

Photo collage of some of our cannabis infused body care products

Hair Care

Invigorate your scalp with our unique creations that give new meaning to the term “Headies”

Skin Rejuvenation

Life can take a toll on your complexion. Get back that glow with these distinctive compounds known to restore color, suppleness, and vitality.

Therapeutic Massages

Pamper your significant other with these magical potions that will have them thinking you’re a trained masseuse

Acne Healing

Coverup and concealer will become things of the past once you quash acne at the root with our all‑natural, plant‑based acne treatment

Hands & Feet

Some of us still know how to work for a living, but that doesn’t mean our extremities need to look like it; and with these selections at hand after a hard days work, you’ll be ready for your night gig: A hand‑and‑foot model


Kick your lotion game up a notch with these CBD infused hemp lotions that’ll bring you from ashy to classy. Specially formulated for use on both hands and face.